Marble Flooring Care And Maintenance Tips

Marble flooring is considered as regal flooring option. When you use the marble for home interiors you give your home a marvelous and panoramic view. Marble can be used for flooring as well as to make decorative structures at the home. You need to take of your marble, in order to maintain the beauty of the stone. Here are some precautions which you need to take care about:
The food or any form of liquid which has acidic content when spill on marble floor causes etch, leaves dull mark on the surface of marble stone. So avoid spilling of fruit juices, wine, tea, coffee, and carbonated beverages, etc. on the marble surface.Tips to clean marble flooring or marble structure when there is stain or food etc. first you must gently rub marble with clean cloth which is moist with the solution of the hydrogen peroxide and has few drops of ammonia. It will help in retaining the shine.Now one thing that you must completely avoid if you have marble flooring in your home is usage of any detergents and soaps which have acid content. As this will create marks, stains and etch. Remember do not use vinegar or acidic products to clean the marble floor. People are known to clean their floors with vinegar but gradually it will be harming your marble floor.Now clean the marble floor daily with the cleaning agents which are PH natural, and are gentle cleaners. This will help your marble to have the regal luster.Discoloration of the marble tiles or marble flooring is easy and common because the marble is porous that is spills from liquids and food, sitting pots, water damage, ink damage, oil damage, metal furniture legs, cooking oil, greasy products etc. can stain the marble floor. Make sure when such thing falls or damage occur to clean it off immediately.

Now tips to clean marble flooring daily or marble structure:

Regular cleaning is important for marble flooring and dusting of the marble furniture. This will help in retaining natural shine.Use Terry cloth for wiping the dirt.Don’t use hot water to clean but lukewarm  water to wet the floor.No need to scrub the marble as this will spoil the marble and create etches marks and affects shine.Apply smooth polish for marble to retain its glitter ad shine.