Majolica Banks

Wherever you find collections of continental majolica you will find majolica banks.

These were very popular in Europe as gifts for children and were manufactured for a very long time. In France there were several manufacturers of these banks: Sarreguemines, Orchies, La Faiencerie d' Onnaing and St. Clement were all known to have manufactured them, some well into the latter part of the 20th Century. They were also manufactured in Austria, Germany and Czechoslovakia. Many of the molds used in production for tobacco humidors, bottles and pitchers were adapted for use as banks as well. It is generally these pieces that bring the highest prices.


While not quite as popular among collectors as humidors, the rules for pricing humidors also apply to banks. Animals are the most popular subject with more colorful and whimsical  subjects commanding the highest prices. Human subjects are less popular among collectors.