Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh My!

Animals have long been among the most popular subjects in majolica. When you get to wild animals the popularity --and price-- increase several fold. With the "Wizard of Oz" a staple of our culture, I thought it might be fun to illustrate the majolica denizens from this popular refrain.

So let's get started with lions.

Mintons lion
George Jones compote
George Jones compote

Schiller and Sons lion figure

Minton lion jardiniere 

French lion and salamander pitcher

Next is tigers!
Eichwalt lion and tiger vases

Choisy le Roi tiger

Finally, let's look at bears.

Holdcroft bear pitcher

Skey honey bear pitcher
Brown-Westhead Moore honey beat

Lions and tigers, as you can see, are rather rare in majolica, so prices for any of these pieces will be very high. Bears are somewhat more common but with so many collectors interested in bears as a cross collectable, the prices for them can be high as well.
So follow the yellow brick road down to you local antique shop and see what wild beasts you can hunt down!