Kindergarten Clay

The kindergartners made two clay projects before break.  They made little pinch pots and pressed shells on the sides for texture.  We glazed these with Stroke and Coat glaze.

We also made these fun coiled hearts.
1.  Demonstrate how to roll coils with your fingers.
2.  Pass out a handout with a heart drawn on it (I just free hand drew a heart and photocopied it.)
3.  Place the coil on the outside edge of the heart and wrap it around.  Then roll another coil and place it on the inside of that one.  Keep going until the whole heart is filled in.  Smoosh the coils together a bit so they are secure.
4.  Poke a hole with a pencil.
5.  After they are glazed and fired, tie yarn or ribbon through the hole for a fun wall hanging or ornament.